Wilamowsky Quoted on Potential Effects of Social Distancing on Private Colleges

Partner Steven Wilamowsky was quoted on how potential culture shifts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic directives on social distancing could affect private sectors like private education.

Steve said changes that occur during the pandemic, such as a widespread shift to online learning, could linger after the pandemic subsides.

"For smaller, less prestigious private schools, if people get too comfortable with distance learning and they're not ahead of the curve on that front, I see a lot of problems," he said.

Steve explained that since smaller, private schools may have a higher price tag for students than comparable public schools, and may not have the same course or degree offerings that people want, students may flock to less expensive, public schools.

He added that collegiate commercial real estate operations might take a big hit if their tenants go belly up for lack of customers.

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