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From investment inception to exit strategy, we understand the issues that investment fund sponsors and their investors encounter in this challenging economic environment.

Our Focus

We take a multidisciplinary approach to each engagement and make it a priority to understand the specific opportunities and challenges facing our clients.

Our attorneys serve not only as counsel but also as trusted advisors to our clients. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, availability and quality of our cost-effective services. As a relationship-oriented firm, our services extend beyond simply assisting clients with their immediate legal matters, but also helping our clients forecast and identify possible future issues. Further, our extensive relationships and network of contacts in the investment fund industry have proven to be beneficial in generating deal opportunities for our clients.

We have a broad client base that ranges from start-ups to multibillion dollar companies. We serve as outside general counsel to a variety of middle-market companies and are well-equipped to advise clients on matters involving the organization and structure of new businesses, joint ventures, acquisitions and sales, and reorganizations.

Our attorneys provide financial, transactional, corporate, securities, tax, real estate, health care, restructuring, and litigation legal services in both the United States and abroad.

Clients rely on us for ongoing advice regarding the development and execution of investment and exit strategies and the creation of value through acquisitions, divestitures, and innovative financing techniques. We focus on the representation of buyout firms targeting middle-market companies, both domestic and international.

Our multidisciplinary team has completed a substantial number of transactions. We efficiently integrate each attorney’s skills, taking into consideration the complexities and challenges of each transaction.

Our strengths include:

  • Rapid execution of transactions
  • Advising on management compensation
  • Counseling on day-to-day management of portfolio companies

Our Work

ArentFox Schiff understands all phases of an early stage company’s growth curve. We are capable of assisting the CEO and other members of the management team with developing their strategic plan, capital structure, and “pitch” suitable for “friends and family,” “angel investors,” strategic investors or the private equity community. We also help management teams develop corporate governance strategies and term sheets and generally help them anticipate the requirements of early stage investors. In this preliminary stage, we work with companies to determine if less dilutive capital formation strategies are available, such as the licensing of ancillary products or intellectual property and the creation of partnerships or joint ventures that will enhance shareholder value without distracting the company’s focus. In general, we believe young companies create and keep more value by undertaking a comprehensive planning process early on.

When a company is ready to begin discussions with early stage investors, our attorneys will assist management in identifying possible sources of capital, taking into account the strategic, geographic, and industry focus of many of the funding sources with whom we are familiar. We also advise our early stage clients on how to interpret market feedback and next steps in their capital formation strategy.

Once a group of investors makes a preliminary commitment, we aid the management team in finalizing the term sheet and the more formal documents needed to conclude the transaction. The final investment may take a variety of forms, including common stock, preferred stock, debt with warrants, or licensing arrangements with some other equity enhancements in the form of warrants.

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