Faycurry Quoted on Lawsuit to Repeal Michigan “Tampon Tax”

Detroit News

Partner Joanne Faycurry was quoted on a class action suit against the state of Michigan Treasury Department to end the sales and use tax on feminine hygiene products, alleging the taxes violate equal protection clauses of the state and U.S. constitutions because they discriminate based on sex.

Joanne said, “The Constitution is clear: It’s a discriminatory tax. For the government to impose a burden on a product that women must use, it’s a tax on women for being women.”

She added that similar lawsuits were filed in Ohio, Florida and New York, prompting those state legislatures to pass laws that repealed the tax.

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Schiff Hardin is providing pro bono representation to Period Equity and three Michigan women plaintiffs against the State of Michigan and its Department of Treasury.

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