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International Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Blog

About the International Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Blog

The International Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Blog provides legal updates and analysis on key arbitration news for companies and executives across the globe.

Our team is spearheaded by attorneys with extensive experience in international dispute resolution and strong government and diplomatic backgrounds. This experience gives us the deepest understanding of the key decision points that are critical in navigating complex international matters and managing government regulation. 

The group provides a unique perspective that appreciates the international nature of the dispute, the unique interests of the parties, and the intricacies of the international arbitral process.

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ArentFox Schiff is a go-to international arbitration firm for its work representing foreign sovereigns, contracting parties, and investors in cross-border disputes. The firm regularly conducts arbitrations across major industries, including energy, reinsurance, agriculture, technology, and infrastructure.

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