Diversity DNA


At ArentFox Schiff, we believe that excellence and diversity go hand in hand.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity produces different perspectives, richer thinking, and more creative solutions to the challenges our clients face. Our firm is committed to seeking and retaining a diverse group of attorneys and staff.

Our Diversity Steering Committee includes leaders from across the firm. The Committee spearheads the firm’s goals to recruit, retain, and advance lawyers and business professionals from historically underrepresented groups. The Committee also guides the firm’s efforts to intentionally build an environment where everyone feels welcome.

By the Numbers

54% Lawyers from Diverse Backgrounds Lawyers from diverse* backgrounds represent 54% of the firm’s attorneys.

40% Women Lawyers Women lawyers represent 40% of ArentFox Schiff attorneys, including 31% of partners.

65% Summer Associates from Diverse Backgrounds Since 2019, each of our summer associate classes has been composed of at least 65% law students from diverse backgrounds.

88% Business Professionals from Diverse Backgrounds Business professionals from diverse backgrounds represent 88% of the firm’s staff.

69% Women Business Professionals Women business professionals represent 69% of AFS staff, including 51% of c-suite and director levels.

Equity Focused ArentFox Schiff continues to participate and support Mansfield Certification and the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.

*For consistency with industry reporting standards, we align our definition of “diverse” with Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule, which includes women, racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities, when reporting diversity statistics. Our firm diversity initiatives and programming operate with a more expansive definition that accounts for other dimensions of diversity, including veteran status, first generation, socioeconomic status, religion, and more.

DEI Annual Report 2023

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

It's Part of Our DNA

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AFS Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission Statement

As lawyers and legal professionals, we have a special role to play in helping end systemic racism and other injustices and achieving justice for those who are harmed. At ArentFox Schiff, diversity, equity, inclusion, and empowerment are part of our DNA.

We are committed to creating a diverse workplace where every individual knows they are valued, seen, heard, and a vital part of our firm.

We concentrate our efforts in three specific areas:

  1. increasing diversity of all types within the firm and in the legal profession;
  2. intentionally building an environment at AFS where everyone feels welcome and where they can progress as their authentic selves; and
  3. combatting racial and social injustice through ArentFox Schiff Center for Racial Equity projects and other pro bono work and giving to organizations committed to anti-racism and social justice.

This mission statement is our foundational document and the basis for our diversity, equity, inclusion, and empowerment efforts. We know that we—and our society as a whole—have work to do to achieve our goals. We pledge to do our part and continue to learn about how we can create a more just, diverse, and inclusive firm and profession.

AFS Inclusion Networks

Our Inclusion Networks are an integral part of building and maintaining a culture of belonging at the firm. The Networks have the following goals:

  • Identifying ways to make AFS culture more inclusive and supportive
  • Connecting people at AFS based on commonalities as well as differences
  • Integrating new hires into the AFS community
  • Increasing opportunities and number of pathways to success for all people at AFS
  • Educating each other about the wide range of cultures and experiences our people reflect
AFS Inclusion Networks

AFS Muslim Friends


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ArentFox Schiff Women’s Initiative Network (AFS WIN)

Attorneys of Color at ArentFox Schiff (AOC@AFS)

Asian Inclusion Group

Black Inclusion Group (BIG@AFS)

Disability Inclusion Group (D*I*G)

Jewish Inclusion Group

Latinx Inclusion Group

MENA Inclusion Group

New Moms Group


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South Asian Inclusion Group

Key Contacts

Sailesh Patel, Diversity Steering Committee Chair

Alison Bygrave, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Samantha Schooley, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager

Erika Wieting, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assistant