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ArentFox Schiff’s office in the Metaverse is now open for business, making us the first major US law firm to build and launch an office in this new virtual world.

Serving as a destination in the Metaverse, the AFS office is located in the Luxury Fashion District of Decentraland. It features four floors, multiple conference rooms, and a private meeting space that is not publicly accessible. The space was designed by Voxel Architects, a Metaverse-native digital architecture studio dedicated to building virtual structures and experiences.

In February 2022, AFS became the first major law firm in the country to buy a stake in the Metaverse, building on our trend of counseling companies at the forefront of new technology trends and leading as an early adopter. Previously, AFS advised PwC in becoming the first internationally recognized professional services network to publicly enter the Metaverse. Our AI, Metaverse & Blockchain team continues to advise some of the world’s top companies on legal issues surrounding their entrance into Web3.

The Metaverse stands to disrupt nearly every industry. To help those impacted sectors, we created the ArentFox Schiff Industry Guide to the Metaverse that answers questions and anticipates concerns about the evolving software technology.

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