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At ArentFox Schiff, opportunity is a function of creativity, drive, and talent. You won’t find a top-down management structure setting the tone at our firm, because we’re not a corporation, we’re a partnership. You’re in the driver’s seat. Make your move.

The ArentFox Schiff Advantage

Full-Service. Client-Focused.

Our practice breadth and industry experience are designed to give clients business-oriented legal advice that helps them achieve their commercial goals.


Attracting and retaining top talent is the key to our success. Our compensation philosophy rewards contributions and reflects the competitiveness of the legal marketplace.

Work-Life Balance

ArentFox Schiff understands the need to balance a busy professional life with commitments outside of work. In addition to a full complement of employee benefits, we offer programs that give peace of mind.

People enjoy working at ArentFox Schiff because we encourage them to be entrepreneurial. Have a good idea? Pursue it. Need more training? We’ll provide it. Think of working here as equal opportunity for high-achievers. Attracting and retaining top talent is one key to our success. Equally important is the personal development and professional achievement that follows.

“Going back to my first job interview, I knew this was a firm where anyone with talent, no matter their background, could succeed. Now 25 years later, as ArentFox Schiff, I am happy to say that my initial impression could not have been more accurate.”
Cristina Carvalho, Managing Partner at Arent Fox

Transparency in Coverage

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of the self-insured medical plan options offered by ArentFox Schiff under the Group Benefits Plan. Access the Machine-Readable Files.