Summer Program

Building Blocks for a Successful Legal Career
Diverse group of people fist bumping across a desk covered in laptops

Summer at ArentFox Schiff is a time for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you! Summer associates quickly discover why our program is unique. You will leave the program with a solid understanding of the opportunities available to you after law school and a great sense of the people you’ll be working with. Our culture, team approach, professional training, and social opportunities are why ArentFox Schiff stands apart.

Throughout the summer, I received assignments from many practice areas, helping me narrow down my interests. In addition, I worked on a pro bono matter with very high stakes for a client with complex immigration issues.

– 2016 Summer Associate

The Work

ArentFox Schiff summer associates learn first-hand what life is like as an associate at the firm. You will do real work for real clients, and your experience closely resembles the workload of a junior associate. The work is important, responsibilities are clear, and the expectations are realistic. Most importantly, you will work directly with partners – just like our associates.

Variety of Assignments

We want our summer associates to experience a variety of areas of the law and interact with lawyers across the firm. Based on personal interests and workflow, summer associates work on a wide range of assignments with ArentFox Schiff lawyers from around the country.

On the Job Training

Beyond meaningful work assignments, you will have a number of training opportunities.

Summer Colloquium

A two-day retreat where summer associates from all offices come together to participate in trainings, oral communications and writing workshops, and social events. Location varies by year.

Lunch & Learn Series

This program expands associates’ knowledge of the firm, showing them how practice groups interact. The series also covers topics such as Business Development 101, Pro Bono 101, and Law Firm Economics.


We encourage lawyers to involve summer associates in “live” learning opportunities, including negotiations, depositions, hearings, or closings.

Professional Development

Schooling never stops. Having a successful legal career often means having to develop a broad range of skills. At every level, lawyers are offered opportunities for training, mentoring, evaluation, and advancement. We provide supportive resources such as core skills and practice-based skill guidelines for associates to use as road maps in driving their careers. Our curriculum is designed to support mastery of these skills, which reflect the firm's expectations and strategic business goals.

Summer Events

ArentFox Schiff takes advantage of having its offices in world-class cities to provide memorable social programs for summer associates. Events typically include concerts, cooking classes, courthouse visits, sailing trips, theater, and wine tastings.

Diversity Scholarship

At ArentFox Schiff, diversity, equity, inclusion, and empowerment are part of our DNA. We are committed to creating a diverse workplace where every individual knows they are valued, seen, heard, and a vital part of our firm.

Each year, the firm awards up to five diverse law students with a Diversity Scholarship and a salaried position in the firm’s summer associate program. The Scholarship Program is part of our efforts to increase diversity at the firm and in the legal profession. Since 2006, we have awarded dozens of scholarships to diverse law students across the country.

Learn more about our Diversity Scholarship.

I was working with a partner on a matter. My thoughts on the matter were appreciated and well received. I assisted drafting our statement of position; I met with the client; and after we won the case, I presented at the monthly group meeting. These are the kinds of experiences you get from working at a place that wants to see you grow. These are the experiences you get at ArentFox Schiff.

– 2017 Summer Associate


Where is the ArentFox Schiff Summer Program located?

  • ArentFox Schiff hosts summer programs in our BOS, CHI, DC, NY, LA, and SF Offices.

What types of assignments do summer associates receive?

  • Summer associates are expected to help with ongoing client matters. This often includes conducting legal research, drafting memoranda, and attending client conferences. Summer associates receive assignments from a designated monitor.

How does the evaluation process work?

  • Feedback is a central component of the summer associate program at ArentFox Schiff. Each assignment will be evaluated by a supervising attorney but, we highly encourage summer associates to reach out for informal feedback from not only your mentor and advisor but other attorneys at the firm as well. Members of Firm Leadership serve as evaluators and work individually with summer associates. Evaluators review your assignments, consult with assigning attorneys, and conduct performance reviews.

How long is the summer program?

  • The summer program lasts for 10 weeks. It begins in late May and ends in late July.

Is there a mentor program for summer associates?

  • Each summer associate is assigned a personal team of dedicated attorneys and staff for guidance and support. Each summer associate is paired with a partner or counsel writing mentor. Your mentor functions as a writing coach who constructively critiques the organization, clarity, and style of your writing. Summer associates will also be paired with an associate advisor to help them get to know the firm. Both your writing mentor and advisor will introduce you to colleagues and serve as important resources over the summer.

Are summer associates able to work on pro bono matters?

  • Yes, summer associates have the opportunity and are encouraged to work on pro bono cases.