Faycurry Quoted on Pro Bono Class Action Lawsuit Against Michigan Tampon Tax

FOX 17 Michigan (WXMI-TV)

Partner Joanne Faycurry was interviewed by FOX 17 Michigan (WXMI-TV) about her pro bono representation alongside Period Equity for three individual plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the State of Michigan and its Department of Treasury for sex-based discrimination in taxing menstrual products.

Joanne said the tax “is discriminatory, it's unfair. Women have been getting the short shaft, especially during this current economic crisis. They need more help than ever. And helping women is something near and dear to my heart.”

She added, “There's no dispute that these are essential items and medically necessary. Low-income women should not have to choose between buying menstrual products and putting food on the table. Enough is enough.”

Watch the full clip here.

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