Judge Discusses Onewheel Electric Skateboard Recall and CPSC Concerns

Partner Jonathan Judge was quoted by Law.com discussing the recent recall of Future Motion Inc.’s Onewheel electric skateboard and the issues raised by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Jonathan commented on the company’s rationale behind agreeing to the recall and offering to include a low battery warning system, stating that it addresses the commission’s concerns.

“That was much more acceptable to the company from a financial standpoint or a fairness standpoint,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan further elaborated on the unexpected power loss without warning for users, which was the CPSC’s primary issue.

“What they were complaining about is it would abruptly run out of power without notice,” Jonathan explained. “You can’t do that unless people really have some notice that the product is running low on battery. And the company would say, ‘you do,’ and it did, and people were not paying attention to it, and the commission would respond, ‘you have to do something else.”

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