Will.i.am's Co. Ordered To Pay Costs Award To Tech Investors

AF International Co-Leader and Litigation Partner Malcolm McNeil was recently quoted in a Law360 article titled “Will.i.am's Co. Ordered To Pay Costs Award To Tech Investors.”

The article discusses the recently enforced costs award to a group of Swedish technology entrepreneurs, represented by Malcolm McNeil and Stefan Bogdanovich, who arbitrated a claim that musician will.i.am's company improperly backed out of a deal to buy a wireless headphones startup. The award in Trajkovski Invest AB et al. v. I.Am. Plus Electronics Inc. et al. was enforced by the US District Court for the Central District of California, which rejected an argument that the award was not final.

"We're always a little skittish when we get these interim awards," said Malcolm. "It's not just an issue of whether or not it can be enforced, the issue is should it be enforced, or should the parties, for economy and efficiency, wait until the very end? In this case there seemed to be an utter lack of participation by the respondent in the arbitration ... it just shows that even The Black Eyed Peas should not ignore litigation."

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