Our Message on Racial Injustice

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and the weaponization of race against Chris Cooper are heartbreaking reminders that many Americans, including colleagues at Arent Fox, have to carry with them every day the added burden of being a person of color in our country.

And while some of our laws have changed, the protections of our legal system are not equally applied. We are faced with racial inequalities that permeate many facets of our society, including socio-economic, criminal justice, education, and public health.

Critically, when history looks back on this moment, we will have to answer this question: What did we do to try to make things better? 

Part of the answer as a law firm needs to be that we seized on our obligation and opportunity to do more. As lawyers and policy experts, we have a unique skillset to help bring about meaningful change. We can do that in the form of workshops, targeted community engagements, and engaging in legal actions through partnerships with civic organizations. We will not stand on the sidelines.

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