AFS International’s Hunter Carter Authors Chapter on Neural Rights in Landmark Chilean Case

ArentFox Schiff is pleased to announce that International Practice Co-Leader Hunter Carter has authored the chapter “Landmark Chilean Supreme Court Ruling Protects Neural Rights,” featured in the book In Defense of Neurorights: 40 Experts Analyze the Historic Ruling of the Chilean Supreme Court in Girardi vs Emotiv and its Role in the Protection of Mental Privacy.

In this chapter, Hunter discusses the intricate legal and ethical implications of neurotechnology, using a case involving Emotiv, Inc.’s “Insight” device as a focal point. He chronicles Dr. Guido Girardi’s legal battle against Emotiv, resulting in a significant Chilean Supreme Court ruling that underscores the necessity of explicit consent for neural data use. Hunter highlights the pioneering work of Dr. Rafael Yuste and Senator Girardi in shaping neural rights law, marking a pivotal moment in the regulation of consumer neurotechnology.

The Kamanau Foundation is a leading publisher at the intersection of technology, science, and human rights. Specializing in neurorights, it provides crucial insights on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and neurotechnology on human rights and privacy.

Read the full chapter here.


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