For Peru, the change is on the horizon

Partners Robert Capers and Hunter Carter were interviewed for a profile article by El Comercio during their recent business trip in Peru.

Peru is currently experiencing a national crisis due to corruption in road and transit projects led by Odebrecht SA of Brazil, which admitted its culpability in a case prosecuted by Robert Capers. A cartel of other construction firms involved in the bribery has also come to light. Every ex-President of Peru is either under arrest, or being extradited, and one recently committed suicide to evade arrest. 

Mr. Capers and Mr. Carter were invited to be featured speakers at a compliance conference specially convened by the Dean of the Law School of the University of San Martin, who is a former Chief Justice of Peru. Robert and Hunter were invited by Jose Ugaz, Peruvian lawyer and immediate past President of Transparency International. Mr. Capers informed the public, including corporate executives, professors, and students, about DOJ policy for prosecuting a case of foreign bribery, the requirements and benefits of corporate compliance plans, and emphasized cooperation with authorities to detect and report such cases. Mr. Carter, whose practice involves a number of Latin American based clients, has advised multinationals in Latin America in establishing effective compliance plans and conducting internal investigations in cases of potential foreign bribery and other illegal conduct.

The El Comercio interview focused on the recent wave of corruption in politics and business and the importance of protecting the integrity of the judicial process. 

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