Cooke and Cohen Quoted on GenAI Impact on Law Firm Associate Training

Managing IP
Partners Michelle Cooke and Elizabeth Cohen were quoted on the potential impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on traditional legal training methods for junior lawyers.

Michelle suggested that the growing client-use of generative AI may influence law firms' use of the technology, including how firms train associates.

“The things that law firms traditionally have done to train [associates] are getting compressed as the tools are getting more efficient,” Michelle said, noting that firms will still need great, critically thinking young lawyers.

Elizabeth added that young lawyers will still need to learn fundamental legal skills, such as writing briefs and conducting legal tasks.

“The benefit of being a junior associate is that you’re expected not to know everything, and you can learn how to do it all,” she said. “They need to learn how to format a brief or transaction document by doing it, not by pressing a button and having AI spit it out." she said.

Michelle and Elizabeth co-lead the firm's IP Enforcement Task Force, which tackles legal and technical challenges associated with enforcing intellectual property rights in the Metaverse and blockchain applications.

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