Deese Quoted on IP Complaints Against Online Counterfeit Merchandise

Licensing International
Partner Pamela Deese was quoted on the increase of Lanham Act Schedule A intellectual property complaints filed against online merchants of counterfeit goods.

Pam said that the increase in the number of complaints is related to awareness among brand owners of the Schedule A process, which can result in significant judgments against foreign counterfeiters. Judgments in these case act to effectively reduce sales of illegal merchandise, making them an excellent tool in the fight against counterfeiting.

“After brand owners file one to three cases, they start seeing a reduction in the counterfeiting of their goods,” she said. “It is certainly possible that professional counterfeiters redirect their efforts to another brand. Counterfeiting is big business of an illegitimate nature. Until the counterfeiters are sufficiently disincentivized, they will keep going.”

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