Judge Quoted on Working with the CPSC During Government Shutdown


Partner Jonathan Judge discussed how companies can manage product issues and communicate with their customers and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) during the partial government shutdown.

Jonathan said, "I would suggest that companies that begin to suspect they have a problem think more proactively about how they might fix the problem and how they might alert consumers to the issue and suggest a solution.”

He added that since companies may be leery of announcing a unilateral recall during the shutdown, they can use other methods to communicate to their consumers, such as a social media awareness campaign.

Whatever companies do, Jonathan noted that they should continue to keep the CPSC is the loop on their recall or product communications plans.

Jonathan said, "That is one issue that is particularly tricky, and I think it's one where all you can do is provide steady notice to the CPSC of your intent to do something, for example, 'We plan to start this program in the next four to five days, we're concerned about this,' and just keep them apprised at least officially of what your plans are.”

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