Krasovec Discusses the Importance of Supporting Firm Associates

Chicago Lawyer Magazine

Managing Partner Joe Krasovec discussed the firm’s decision to increase associate compensation and implement other firm initiatives that support associates’ growth and professional development.

“Our talent is very important to us, and we feel like we can offer associates a different kind of experience,” Joe said. “We staff leanly and put together a lot of training programs. But that’s also got to be coupled with a compensation structure that is right-sized to the market.”

As the pandemic has challenged law firms to become creative in mentoring associates, Joe talked about how Schiff brought back its litigation and transactional training programs for associates in every office. The firm’s two-part litigation program focuses on critical work matters such as complaints and discovery. The second part allows them to practice moot arguments, motions, and questioning in depositions.

Because working cases over Zoom have become imperative, Joe said that Schiff associates can gain experience participating in Zoom hearings, noting, “There’s been some good in this. I think we can still do better if we’re in person from time to time to collaborate.”

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