Lupo Quoted on Industry Case Study About Generative AI in Fashion

Business of Fashion
ArentFox Schiff Chairman Anthony V. Lupo was quoted in an in-depth case study, “The Complete Playbook for Generative AI in Fashion,” by Business of Fashion about the opportunities and risks artificial intelligence (AI) brings to the fashion industry.

Although the new technology comes with risks, Tony said that should not deter companies from trying it out.

“You should be leaning into this, because if you aren’t, your competitor will be and you will be left in the dust,” he said.

One area fashion designers are concerned about is the potential for intellectual property infringement of their products and brands.

Tony explained that the current test is to look at existing case law to see whether the final product is considered an infringement. He noted that intellectual property laws are meant to protect creators and ensure they benefit from the work put into a product.

Tony suggested that the safest route for fashion brands may be to use AI-generated designs as a starting point and then edit or add original material to make it their own.

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