Remke Featured on Falling in Love with Law

Partner Rachel Remke was featured in Law360 Pulse’s Valentine’s Day round-up of attorneys’ personal accounts of how they fell in love with the practice of law.

Rachel said:

“‘Thank you for saving my life.’ I will never forget these words my client said to me moments after we heard the judge say "not guilty." I was several years into being a lawyer, and so I was no stranger to the heavy responsibility that often comes with representing clients. But I normally practice civil litigation. Rarely were the stakes this high. As I hugged my client in the courtroom that day, the realization slowly sank in. I had, in a real way, helped save his life. Charged with armed robbery, he had been facing the equivalent of spending the rest of his life in prison. But with the help of my partner, we had convinced the judge that my client was innocent, and he would walk out of the courthouse today a free man. This was not the day that I fell in love with the law; that day had come decades before. But this day in court reminded me of why I fell in love with the law in the first place, the desire to help someone who needs me. It had been easy to forget amid the piles of paper that come with being a young associate. I think of my client's words often and whenever I need to remember that the law is first and foremost a helping profession. We truly can help save a life.”

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