Sepúlveda Profiled on Adapting His Boxing Routine to COVID-19

Anthony-Ray Sepúlveda was profiled in “My Weekday Workout,” a series detailing how attorneys have adapted their exercise routines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anthony-Ray explained that boxing was his go-to workout prior to the pandemic.

“I would try to box with friends and sparring partners as much as possible. This forced me to be in the moment, and it doesn’t feel as tedious as some other exercises,” he said. “Since COVID-19, I rotate between cardio and weightlifting routines.”

He added, “One of the benefits of boxing is that opponents can force me to work out harder than I would otherwise. So I don’t get too complacent, I try to remind myself that my sparring partners are training at home too. I can’t let them outwork me.”

Anthony-Ray said that sticking to a regular workout routine helps him “feel present, focused, and centered.”

“If I am pushing myself hard enough, it also helps me put the rest of my day into perspective. If I am consistent enough, it can help me start a positive cycle of sleeping, eating, and feeling better. This helps me be a better husband, friend, and lawyer.”

One lesson Anthony-Ray has learned from boxing is that training smart can be better than training hard.

“It’s not always good to tough it out,” he said. “Injuries can derail everything. While there is a time and a place to be tough, I have found that it is usually better to train and rest intelligently.

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