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Telecommunications & Technology Agreements

ArentFox Schiff represents clients in the preparation and negotiation of telecommunications and technology agreements of all types.

Our Work

We represent broadband and telecommunications providers, dark fiber providers, research and education networks, equipment manufacturers, and businesses of every type who wish to execute agreements for telecommunications and/or technology services. We ensure that our clients receive exactly the services they want and all of the protections they need.

The agreements that we prepare and negotiate include in-building wireless agreements, such as; contracts for the provision of broadband and telecommunications services to businesses; roaming agreements; e-texting agreements; dark fiber agreements; collocation agreements; agreements for the provision of cable, telephony, and data services to residential complexes; cloud service agreements; antenna licensing agreements; undersea cable agreements; contracts for satellite services; interconnection agreements; agreements for international services; original equipment manufacturer agreements; tower agreements; and inter-carrier agreements of all types.

We also perform all necessary regulatory due diligence and ensure the acquisition of any regulatory approvals for agreements that require such work.