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Filing & Prosecution of Applications

ArentFox Schiff handles all trademark prosecution requirements, from the filing of the most basic trademark application to the prosecution of complex administrative appeals on issues involving the registrability of a mark.

Our Focus

Our clients range from start-ups seeking a trademark registration to multinational companies with sizeable trademark portfolios.

Regardless of the issue, ArentFox Schiff is able to draw on its vast experience to develop a workable solution. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the rules, understand the best way to achieve results, and are able to generate those results efficiently. Our attorneys also stay abreast of changes to rulemaking in the USPTO and serve on trade and bar association committees that monitor such developments.

ArentFox Schiff develops creative solutions for overcoming even the most difficult obstacles to registration. Our team is experienced in registering non-traditional brand elements – including sound, color, product configurations, and product packaging – to further clients’ assets.