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We negotiate licenses and distribution agreements and assist with all aspects related to securing licensees and distributors, in the US and around the world.

Our Work

ArentFox Schiff has a team that specializes in licensing and many have been placed on location at our clients’ places of business to assist in handling licensing matters. 

Trademarks often are an important, though overlooked, aspect of any transaction, especially acquisitions, “spins,” sales of business units, and licenses, to name a few. Whether as buyer or as seller, as licensor or as licensee, transaction participants need to know what trademarks are implicated by the transaction, what business is represented by the trademarks, the strength and viability of the trademarks, the jurisdictions in which the trademarks exist, and the status of all affected trademark applications and registrations.

Our Focus

ArentFox Schiff has substantial experience with transaction documents affecting trademarks, including licenses, assignments, and security agreements. We craft such agreements not only to satisfy our clients’ interests, but to satisfy official requirements for such documents in implicated jurisdictions around the world. Finally, through our network of foreign counsel, we can conclude the transaction by causing all necessary documents to be filed with the appropriate governmental authorities around the globe.