Pamela Deese Quoted in Licensing International: Virtual Land Rush Underway in the Metaverse

Arent Fox's Pamela Deese spoke with Licensing International about the metaverse forcing brands to stake new trademark claims to ward off would-be infringers.

Read the full Licensing International article here.

The article discusses the virtual land rush currently underway within the metaverse. The move has been underway since last year, but has picked up speed in recent months as opportunistic companies race to get there first be it with NFTs, in-game worlds or 3D virtual real estate. These companies are wagering that the first-come, first-serve strategy that accompanied the rise of the Internet can be applied to virtual IP as well.

“It’s another licensing strategy where brand owners can look at the marks if they are part of the platform and supervise it appropriately,” said Pamela. “That way they can see if there are royalties that can be generated and can go through the typical analysis. It can be done in a preventive strategic way rather than having to constantly sending [cease and desist] letters to companies that are using their marks.”

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