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Opposition & Cancellation Actions

ArentFox Schiff attorneys have extensive experience before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, an administrative forum in the PTO that decides disputes concerning the registerability of US trademarks.

We have handled hundreds of these cases, which can take the form of opposition proceedings or cancellation proceedings, and we have done so for clients of all sizes operating in a wide range of industries.

Our lawyers represent plaintiffs and defendants in these proceedings, which are governed generally by the same rules that govern federal court cases but with important variations intended to facilitate, among other things, settlements. We know these rules, and we know substantive trademark law. We understand the relationship between these administrative proceedings and federal court lawsuits, and we will help determine the best course for our clients in their cases. We know how to leverage the strengths of a case while balancing the weaknesses, the client’s budget, and its ultimate goals – many times resulting in favorable settlements. And if settlement is not possible, we know the rules and nuances of trying these cases and have a track record of wins.