Matthew R. Mills

Partner and Consumer Products Industry Group Co-Leader
Matthew’s practice focuses on intellectual property law, advertising and marketing, consumer finance, financial privacy, and e-commerce.
Matt Mills, Partner at Arent Fox

Matthew's diverse client base includes clients in the entertainment, television, and consumer products (fashion and consumer electronics) industries.

Matthew works on a wide range of intellectual property matters, including trademark, copyright, right of publicity, counterfeiting, and domain name disputes. He regularly assists clients with selecting, clearing, registering, and enforcing trademarks both domestically and abroad. In this role, Matthew oversees clearance, prosecution, enforcement, and licensing of the global trademark portfolio of WarnerBros. Discovery, the world’s largest non-fiction media and entertainment company.

Matthew’s advertising and marketing practice covers all aspects of advertising and marketing law including representing clients at the NAD and NARB, drafting contest and sweepstakes rules, reviewing advertisements, advising on unfair and deceptive trade practices and issues relating to FTC regulations and guidelines, as well as state and other regulatory laws.

Client Work

Matthew’s entertainment practice emphasizes the selection, adoption, and use of trademarks, domestic and international trademark prosecution and enforcement, and trademark portfolio management. He has assisted clients with brand development and protection and enforcement in over 100 countries.

Matthew has worked on numerous high profile matters for entertainment clients including the launch of several US television networks and the global rebranding of numerous television networks. Matthew has also overseen successful enforcement actions for clients, including the seizure and destruction of over 25,000 items from a former licensee.

Matthew also advises consumer products and electronics companies on intellectual property and regulatory matters.  He manages the international intellectual licensing for the consumer products and branded entertainment and adventure group of a large entertainment company.

Matthew is responsible for conducting trademark clearance and advising on branding for a large consumer electronics and appliances manufacturer. His work with this client has expanded to include reviewing their advertisements in all print and online media including television, radio. He also has experience in internet sub-areas including banner, mobile, and keyword advertising for FTC regulations and guidelines, as well as state and other regulatory laws.

Matthew counsels clients on wide variety of issues regarding developments in and compliance with laws regarding Internet and e-commerce, including payment systems and consumer financial regulatory compliance. Matthew also advises clients on compliance with laws and regulations related to credit cards, debit cards, stored value cards, and electronic payments and transfers. Matthew also works with clients to develop e-commerce structures for consumers, including electronic contracts, electronic disclosures, and electronic signatures.

Matthew regularly works with clients to ensure compliance with financial privacy, privacy, and data security laws and regulations. Matthew also works with clients on the drafting and implementation of their privacy policies to ensure compliance with international, federal and state regulatory laws and guidelines. 

Previous Work

While in law school, Matthew served as a Sparer Fellow at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as a lecturer for the Prisoners’ Rights Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Publications, Presentations & Recognitions

Matthew spoke on a panel discussing the boundaries of the First Amendment and Fair Use as applied to television series, documentaries, docuseries, and videos at IBA's Annual Conference in November 2022. He presented a speech on the FTC and NAD’s recent scrutiny of “Made in the USA” and other country of origin claims at ACI’s 3rd Annual Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Forum on Advertising Claims Substantiation in January 2020. He also presented a speech titled “Legal Issues Affecting Multi-Level Marketing” at the Herbalife Global Legal Summit in Los Angeles in June 2012.

Matthew wrote “Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation” for the Encyclopedia of American Civil Rights and Liberties; 2006 (Vol. 1), edited by Otis H. Stephens, John M. Scheb and Kara E. Stooksbury.

While in law school, Matthew was an articles editor for the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law.

Life Beyond the Law

Matthew is an aspiring gourmet chef and baker, gardener, and a supporter of the University of Tennessee football and basketball teams. When not at work he also enjoys spending time with his family and visits to his family’s farm in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.