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As a group of active, reserve, former, and retired military and uniformed service employees, AFSVets recognizes and appreciates the unique skills our members’ service adds to their perspective and welcomes that experience within the firm, in partnerships with our clients, and in our pro bono engagements. ArentFox Schiff is proud to have members of this community among its ranks and looks forward to the contributions that AFSVets will bring to the firm and our communities.

AFSVets is led by the Army-Navy team of CPT Mir Ali, USA and LCDR Tan Anderson, USN. Tan completed ten years of active and reserve service as a nuclear submarine officer. Mir served seven years active duty and completed two combat tours in Afghanistan as a Detachment Commander of a Special Forces A-Team. Out of respect and appreciation for the firm’s support of veterans and reservists, they co-founded AFSVets with other active, reserve, former, and retired military and uniformed service employees. Tan and Mir are honored to co-lead this group.

AFSVets Benefits


Salary differential paid for staff & attorneys involuntarily recalled to active duty.

Creditable Hours

Creditable hours for staff & associates for reserve duty.


Consideration of experience credit for veterans in assessing seniority for new hires.


Using veteran-focused recruiters for open job positions.


Ensuring someone from AFSVets is represented in the interviewing process for all veteran candidates.


Creating a mentorship program for new veteran hires.

Members of AFSVets include reserve, former, and retired members of the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US National Guard, and US Coast Guard. At ArentFox Schiff, AFSVets include Partners, Associates, and professional staff.

Diversity Scholarship

At ArentFox Schiff, diversity, equity, inclusion, and empowerment are part of our DNA. We are committed to creating a diverse workplace where every individual knows they are valued, seen, heard, and a vital part of our firm.

Each year, the firm awards up to five diverse law students with a Diversity Scholarship and a salaried position in the firm’s summer associate program. The Scholarship Program is part of our efforts to increase diversity at the firm and in the legal profession. Since 2006, we have awarded dozens of scholarships to diverse law students across the country.

Learn more about our Diversity Scholarship.

AFS Career Opportunities

We want you! At ArentFox Schiff, we value Veterans’ unique experiences. Click here to see our open positions.


Contact Alison Bygrave, Director of Diversity & Inclusion