Exploring the Impact on Copyrightability When Creating New Works Through AI

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ArentFox Schiff Copyright and Trademark Associate Danielle Bulger is a moderator at the Copyright Society's upcoming webinar "Exploring the Impact on Copyrightability When Creating New Works Through AI".

ArentFox Schiff Senior Associate Danielle Bulger will moderate the upcoming panel titled Exploring the Impact on Copyrightability When Creating New Works, hosted by the Copyright Alliance and the Copyright Society on Tuesday, March 14th at 4 p.m. ET.  The free webinar will feature copyright experts who will explain the different types of AI authorship under U.S. copyright law, the potential pathways for asserting copyright ownership in works created using generative AI tools, and policy issues that impact the authorship analysis—including incentivizing the use of AI technologies and protecting the rights of human authors.  Danielle will join confirmed panelists Van Lindberg, the attorney representing Kristina Kashtanova in their efforts to retain copyright registration for images created using AI, and Authors Guild Executive Director, Mary Rasenberger.


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