AFS Automotive NADA Thought Leader Dinner Presentation

The Automotive Group co-sponsor the “Dealer Thought Leader Dinner” during the NADA Conference in Las Vegas, bringing together industry leaders for an enlightening conversation.

NADA is among the largest automotive industry events, with over 30,000 participants convening for lectures, brand meetings, trade show and other events over a four-day period.  On Thursday, February 1st, automotive industry leaders from around the U.S., including the President and General Counsel of NADA, joined ArentFox Schiff, with our co-hosts, Kerrigan Advisors and Forvis, for a discussion about the upcoming election, political history and the auto industry with Mack McLarty and Andy Card, former Chiefs of Staff to Presidents Clinton and Bush, respectively.  ArentFox Schiff Automotive Chair, Aaron Jacoby moderated the evening’s discussion with these remarkable statesmen, who reflected upon current world events and their impact on the industry, and illustrated by their example the importance of bi-partisanship, commitment and service to our country.


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