Robotaxi to SFO?

We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore! Click your Waymo One app and take a ride to the future.
On Aug. 10, in a milestone decision, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the state’s regulator for self-driving taxis (colloquially, “robotaxis”), authorized Cruise LLC and Waymo LLC, two industry-leading autonomous vehicle (AV) technology companies, to significantly expand their robotaxi services in California.

Automotive Group Leader Aaron Jacoby and Counsel Gordon Sung authored an article in the Daily Journal where they talked about how both companies are now authorized to provide and collect fares for 24/7, fully-driverless taxi service throughout San Francisco, with a caveat that safety and other restrictions could follow as necessary. (Previously, both companies’ commercial operations had additional restrictions by geography, time, in Cruise’s case, and a safety driver requirement in Waymo’s case.) The CPUC’s decision is a significant development for the autonomous vehicles industry and one of the clearest indications that the government is ready to encourage the public to adopt the technology.

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