Bloomberg News Discusses Streaming TV Battle with Anthony Lupo

Arent Fox Intellectual Property partner Anthony V. Lupo was interviewed by Bloomberg News about the legal battle between Aereo, which relays broadcast TV to subscribers over the Internet, and cable broadcasters, who argue they are fighting to preserve the business model that generates revenue to produce television programs.

Bloomberg reported that, “Broadcasters stymied by court losses in New York are turning to judges in California and Massachusetts in their campaign to shut down the Aereo Inc. online streaming TV service backed by Barry Diller.” A victory by the broadcasters in California “would create a split between federal appeals… which could propel the case to the nation’s highest court.”

Tony told Bloomberg that even if Aereo prevails in court, “it may wind up subject to the same market forces now buffeting broadcasters” and that “similar services could charge less, and the broadcasters themselves or the cable and satellite operators might offer streaming services.”

“We’re on the cusp of a new model,” Tony said. If Aereo wins, “it’s going to make broadcasters think of new ways to distribute their content.”

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