Grimm Quoted on AI's Impact on Health Care Data Privacy and HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare IT Today
Health Care Practice Leader Douglas Grimm was quoted by Healthcare IT Today discussing the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care, its potential for operational efficiencies and cost savings, the anticipated rise in data privacy and security scrutiny, and the expected enforcement actions by the Office for Civil Rights for non-compliance with HIPAA regulations.

“As AI products continue to demonstrate the potential for operational efficiencies and cost savings, there will be increased use and speedy implementation. While an overall regulatory framework for AI is still under development, the use of AI will lead to increased data privacy and security scrutiny for providers. Both HIPAA and related state laws create strict guidelines and restrictions on collecting, using, and maintaining patient-protected health information,” Douglas said.

“Healthcare providers should be mindful of how an AI product addresses data privacy and security, particularly when integrating AI into the architecture of existing information systems. Litigation between providers and AI developers that market non-compliant or less stable products will undoubtedly arise as breaches and security incidents occur. The Office for Civil Rights, the federal agency responsible for HIPAA enforcement will monitor providers’ AI information platforms and take robust enforcement actions as warranted,” he added.

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