Hospitals Walk Legal Tightrope as Workers Speak Out on Virus

Health Care Partner Anne Murphy was recently quoted by Bloomberg Law in an article titled “Hospitals Walk Legal Tightrope as Workers Speak Out on Virus.”

The article discusses a new pandemic-related litigation trend between hospitals and employees who speak out  ̶  either in-house, on social media, or in the press  ̶  about their fears and frustrations over the coronavirus.

“With terminations and furloughs happening in every sector, including health care, there may be an increase in litigation asserting that the application of employers’ social media policies violated employees’ rights,” said Anne.

 She added “[c]lear and accurate information and communication is paramount in a public health emergency,” and hospitals have a duty to provide it. Hospitals should adopt a “balanced viewpoint” when enforcing social media policies. The policies should take the importance of protecting patient confidentiality into account while recognizing that employees have health and safety concerns and addressing them in a constructive way.

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