Maidie Oliveau Comments on Aereo’s Supreme Court Battle

Counsel Maidie E. Oliveau was quoted in a CNET News article on Aereo’s Supreme Court battle that could affect how the entire country watches television.

Aereo is an online subscription service with miniature antennas that capture over-the-air programming, stream it online to paying members, and store it in a remote DVR.

CNET reported that media companies have alleged that Aereo infringes their copyrights and “How the court rules could affect what professional sports you watch free, whether you can access your cable operator’s DVR remotely, even what kind of data you can store in locker services like Dropbox.” In an amicus brief, the National Football League and Major League Baseball said “an Aereo Supreme Court win could also doom sports on free TV.”

“The current system makes a lot of money for everybody, and the market would likely work to protect that,” said Maidie. “But sports programming is at higher risk of fleeing to cable than other kinds of content, because its appeal is watching live.”

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