Questions Loom as California Braces for Statewide Exchange of Health Information

Counsel Gayland Hethcoat authored an article for the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal discussing the California Data Exchange Framework (DxF), which aims to facilitate statewide exchange of health information between health care providers and other parties.

Established with the passage of Assembly Bill 133 in 2021 and codified in Health and Safety Code Section 130290, DxF is a “collection of organizations that are required to share health information using national standards and a common set of policies in order to improve the health outcomes of the individuals they serve.” Participation in DxF is governed by a common data sharing agreement, the terms of which take effect on January 31, 2024 for hospitals, medical groups, and certain other participants.

Gayland examines key developments for DxF in 2023 and what lies ahead.

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