Remke Featured in “How I Made Partner” Series

Partner Rachel Remke discussed her path to partnership in’s “How I Made Partner” series.

Rachel described the entire process as humbling and educational, saying she was surprised to be considered for partnership as early as she was — only six years out of law school.

“The biggest surprise — and most humbling — was seeing how much confidence my fellow partners had in me. That was evident throughout the nomination process, hearing all of the positive things my colleagues had to say and the fact that everyone thought I was ready to be a partner when I wasn’t sure,” Rachel said.

Rachel highlighted two key factors that were influential in her achieving partnership: she had come off two trial successes in which she played a significant role, and she had developed strong relationships with colleagues from various practices and became an integral member of our client teams, which gave the partners she was working for an opportunity to see her “performing and delivering more like a partner than as a senior associate.”

Her advice to associates looking to make partner? “First, just focus on being a good lawyer. That’s the baseline and your entry ticket. You’ve got to do good work. Show your people and your clients that you are capable,” Rachel said. “Second, look for the people who could become a type of advocate for you.”

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