The Uncondemned: How Underdog Lawyers Pulled Off a Trial of the Century

On October 19, the United Nations hosted at its headquarters in New York an exclusive premiere of “The Uncondemned” in advance of the film’s US release.

An award-winning documentary about the first successful prosecution of rape in the time of war, “The Uncondemned” showcases the experience of a legal and investigations team that was led by Arent Fox partner Ambassador Pierre Prosper. To see a recording of the UN’s event, click here.

Arent Fox served as pro bono counsel for the production company, Film @ Eleven, which worked to tell the story of the incredible obstacles that prosecutors faced in pursuit of a case that set international legal precedent, while featuring three heroic women who spoke for all who could not.

In an interview with Reuters, Amb. Prosper emphasized that the lessons learned in Rwanda nearly 20 years ago should not be forgotten today. “This film is particularly important given the scale of sexual violence in so many conflicts today," Pierre said. "It's a reminder of our responsibility to act. We made legal history back in the 1990s – Rwanda showed us that this is a crime that can and should be prosecuted, but it feels as if the lesson has stopped there."

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