Our Statement on the Shootings in Buffalo

On behalf of The AFS Center for Racial Equity, we strongly condemn the brutal mass murder at a supermarket in Buffalo. We stand with the Black community and express our sympathy and support to our colleagues and friends.

This recent act of terror rooted in racism requires us to pause and focus on the alarming rise in hate crimes and racist conspiracy theories targeting minorities. Racist-based killings have a long history in our country. A white supremacist ideology known as the “great replacement theory” has anti-Semitic roots and fosters a conspiracy ideology that Jewish elites have been engineering a “white genocide” since the Middle Ages. In 2015, nine Black worshipers at a church in Charleston, SC, were murdered by a proponent of this racist worldview.

The Center was formed to help address these issues and explore ways to bring together community leaders and key stakeholders to take concrete steps to protect all Americans regardless of race or ethnicity. We are dedicated to advancing racial justice by using legal, policy, and advocacy tools to help create a more fair and equitable society.

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