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Antitrust & Competition Law

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ArentFox Schiff is a pioneer in manufacturer-pricing litigation, and continues to work with clients around the globe to address complex antitrust problems.

Our experience spans the spectrum of federal and state antitrust practice: contracts, pricing, and distribution strategy; litigation; government investigations; and matters involving the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust.

We have worked with nearly every industry, ranging from trade associations, health care, and finance, to fashion, insurance, communications, and consumer electronics.

Our experience in antitrust law and regulation, combined with our extensive industry knowledge, enables us to provide effective insight and practical counseling. We work closely with clients to develop tailored, cost-effective strategies for their antitrust challenges. Our track record of success speaks for itself.

How We Help

  • Sherman Act
  • Clayton Act
  • Robinson-Patman Act
  • Related state laws
  • Government civil and criminal enforcement
  • Private antitrust litigation