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ERISA Litigation

ERISA has been described by jurists as one of the most complex and nuanced federal statutes. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of ERISA and decades of experience analyzing and litigating ERISA issues.

Our Focus

From pension benefits to health benefits, complex class actions to individual benefits cases, and plaintiffs’ work to defense work, we have done it all. We have the litigation chops, technical know-how, and breadth of experience to provide clients with best-in-class counsel on defined benefit pension plans (including cash balance plans), defined contribution pension plans, ESOPs, and health and welfare plans. Even our opposing counsel have described us as "formidable."

We have a unique team approach to ERISA litigation, and our attorneys are well-versed not only in ERISA, but in other laws that affect employee benefit plans and benefit issues.

How We Help

  • Internal Revenue Code
  • Bankruptcy Code
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Medicare Secondary Payer Act
  • State laws

Our Work

We have in-depth experience in matters where ERISA overlaps with other substantive areas. Our team is particularly suited to handle complex benefit issues faced by companies that are confronting bankruptcy or are in financial distress. We also have substantial knowledge on the interplay between ERISA and managed care litigation. Please see our practice page for Payer Disputes & Reimbursement for further information on our specialized practice in this area.

How We Help

  • Fiduciary breach litigation
  • Class actions
  • Managed care litigation
  • Stock drop litigation
  • Cash balance plan litigation
  • PGBC counseling and litigation
  • Benefits claim litigation
  • Commercial payer disputes
  • Disability plan litigation
  • Benefits issues in bankruptcy
  • Administrative appeals
  • Fiduciary compliance
  • ESOPs
  • Independent fiduciary representation
  • DOL investigations
  • IRS audits
  • Benefits issues in mergers and acquisitions
  • VEBAs 

Key Contacts