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Government Investigations

With the rise of federal and state investigations of potential health care fraud and abuse, ArentFox Schiff’s attorneys have assisted our clients in avoiding fines, penalties, and other enforcement actions to ensure the best result.

Our Work

Health care companies that receive or indirectly benefit from government expenditures can face sprawling investigations and substantial liability under the False Claims Act (FCA). Even a seemingly minor regulatory oversight can snowball into substantial exposure under the FCA’s treble damages and civil penalties provisions, or even debarment. That is why companies turn to ArentFox Schiff.

The firm has become a destination for health care providers facing state or federal FCA and other civil investigations and potential litigation, including qui tam whistleblower suits. The team brings decades of experience in civil and criminal cases, handling everything from internal investigations, subpoena responses, and civil investigative demands, to all forms of litigation in state and federal forums across the country. Our clients encompass all branches of the health care industry, including hospitals, health systems, physician groups, specialty providers, and pharmaceutical and device manufacturers.

Our Attorneys

Our group has established a deeply integrated approach to safeguarding our client’s interests. Practitioners focusing on compliance, reimbursement, and fraud and abuse work seamlessly with our white collar litigators to provide comprehensive advice and assistance for our clients in enforcement and government fraud investigations.

How We Help

  • Plan and coordinate internal investigations.
  • Educating and preparing our clients’ management teams and key staff in responding to federal and state government information requests.
  • Voluntary disclosures to federal and state government agencies.
  • Responding to subpoena and Civil Investigative Demands.
  • Litigating actions brought by whistleblowers and government agencies.
  • Litigation remediation and compliance including negotiation of Corporate Integrity Agreements.

Key Contacts