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Motion Pictures

ArentFox Schiff has handled virtually every aspect of intellectual property clearance for several of the top-grossing films of all time. We are responsible for script and character clearances for Academy Award-winning features such as Cars, Up, Ratatouille, WALL-E, and Toy Story 3, and for managing trademark and copyright clearances for other blockbuster movies including The Lord of the Rings.

We have significant experience in all phases of the film production process, from the inception of a pilot or movie idea through production and distribution, post-production, our attorneys help clients navigate the marketing and merchandising of motion pictures, negotiating deals related to the creation and licensing of promotional products, video games, and even theme park rides.

We understand the evolving technology of the motion picture industry as it transitions from a physically-based celluloid system to the digital era, in which films are captured, created, processed, and distributed in electronic form. ArentFox Schiff’s uniquely trained copyright team is familiar with analyzing complex chains of title in motion pictures and underlying properties as affected by US and foreign laws, including unfair competition, privacy rights, defamation, publicity rights, and First Amendment rights in the physical film material.