China – Surprising New Lessons for Complying with Sanctions and Export-Controls on Dual-Use Technology-and the Impact of Modern Warfare on AI and Tech Innovation

  • Date & Time
    June 1, 2023 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

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Kay Georgi speaks on a panel at C5's Conference: European Forum on Global Economic Sanctions.

During Kay's session, she will cover the topics:

  • EU/UK/US response to China’s potential military assistance to Russia
  • Discuss EU renewal of sanctions on China for human rights violations in Xinjiang Province
  • Analyzing the BIS semiconductor rule and corresponding EU/UK response
  • Doing business in a new era of export controls on “primarily commercial” technologies by US, and how ECRA will impact European export controls moving forward
  • How U.S. export-controls on China related to semi-conductors will impact the European technology sector
  • Navigating dual-use AI concerns between US, EU, and China
  • How Russia-Ukraine conflict has amplified the export-controls on tech for dual-use technologies


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