Renewing Energy Zoning & Permitting Essential Principles

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    January 11, 2024
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Amy Antoniolli will join a webinar on energy zoning and permitting, hosted by EUCI on January 11, 2024.

This presentation will review important regulatory frameworks for energy projects and analyze how to mitigate the environmental impacts of renewable energy projects, including considerations related to
wildlife, ecosystems and local communities. The presenters will also explore techniques for evaluating and selecting suitable sites based on zoning regulations, environmental factors and community preferences. 

Additional topics include a review the permitting process, including timelines, documentation requirements, public hearings and interactions with regulatory agencies, as well as an evaluation the legal aspects such as contract negotiations, land leases, easements and compliance with local and federal laws. Attendees will walk away from this discussion with an understanding of effective strategies for engaging with local communities, landowners, government agencies and other stakeholders to build support and address concerns related to renewable energy projects.


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