Cooke Quoted on McDonald’s Third-Party IP Usage in Metaverse-Based Restaurant

Ad Age
Media & Entertainment Industry Team Co-Leader Michelle Cooke was quoted on intellectual property issues related to an NFT owner’s McDonald’s-themed restaurant called McRTFKT’s built in the Metaverse that has no affiliation with the restaurant chain.

The McRTFKT restaurant sells NFTs inspired by McDonald’s real-life items and uses McDonald’s existing IP as part of its image. However, neither McDonald’s nor Nike, whose NFT company RTFKT was inspiration for the other half of the virtual restaurant’s name, has any affiliation with it.

Michelle said that both companies may be particularly sensitive about their intellectual property being used by the virtual restaurant since the companies themselves have also shown an interest in Web3 spaces.

“The question will be whether something like this hinders their ability to shape the narrative of what their brand is and what partnerships they might want to drive creatively in the metaverse,” she said.

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