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AI & Web3 IP Task Force

To help clients protect their brands, ArentFox Schiff has launched a first-of-its-kind task force to tackle the legal and technical challenges associated with the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the metaverse and blockchain applications.

At present, there is no uniform framework to object to infringers in the metaverse and on blockchain applications, leaving brand owners with questions as to how to proceed when infringers are discovered. While there are seemingly limitless business opportunities in the AI, Metaverse & Blockchain industries, the opportunities also present new and unique legal challenges. The decentralized nature of web3 technologies and the frequent absence of third-party intermediators to address infringement claims means that IP enforcement options are fragmented at best, and nonexistent at worst. ArentFox Schiff’s Task Force was formed to help clients face these challenges and protect their IP.  

The ArentFox Schiff Task Force leverages our internationally renowned IP practice and our pioneering AI, Metaverse & Blockchain Industry Team to develop and implement enforcement strategies for clients, monitor crucial legal developments, and support the development of new tools and resources to protect brand owners and their IP.

The advent of distributed ledger technology has ushered in a new digital era – a decentralized internet, neither owned nor controlled by a central authority. While blockchain enthusiasts hail this lack of centralization as a new chapter of freedom and user empowerment, the punchline for brands is that the absence of adjudicating bodies and authorities also brings an abundance of uncertainty, risk, and discomfort.

Our AI & Web3 IP Task Force attorneys are at the forefront of the emerging metaverse ecosystem, and have already successfully assisted many clients in stopping unauthorized uses of their trademarks and copyrights in various virtual platforms. We have been very active in the retail and e-commerce, media and entertainment, technology, sports, beverage, and food industries. We advise technology leaders, including Discovery, Sony, Meta Reality Labs, LG Electronics, and Qualcomm, on high-profile matters of procurement, enforcement, and monetization of their IP rights and assets. 

Our IP Enforcement Task Force members also serve on major industry standards organizations and policy councils, helping to ensure responsible development of standards and guidelines for IP in these new arenas.  

What We Do

  • Assist clients with objecting to infringers in the metaverse and blockchain domain spaces.
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive metaverse and blockchain IP enforcement programs for major brands
  • Consultation and collaboration with key industry stakeholders, regulators, trade associations, and standards organizations regarding best practice IP enforcement policies and mechanisms
  • Training and educational initiatives for brand owners, developers, and other stakeholders regarding legal implications for IP in web3 ecosystems
  • Industry research to identify current dispute resolution procedures and enforcement mechanisms on virtual platforms that could affect rights holders and creators. 

How We Help

  • Protection and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, and patents in metaverse and web3 ecosystems
  • Development of IP registration strategies to preempt infringements and facilitate more effective take-downs
  • IP enforcement involving DAOs and off-shore foundations
  • Best practices for IP licensing and decentralized content storage
  • Acquisition of blockchain domains and virtual real estate
  • Platform terms and conditions
  • Treatment of user-generated content
  • Protection of content developed by or with artificial intelligence

Our Team

AFS has a dedicated team of experienced attorneys specializing in AI, Metaverse & Blockchain technologies who stand ready to answer your questions and assist in navigating this new frontier. 

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