Fitts Quoted on the Growing Demand for Clean Energy Storage in 2019


Partner Sarah Fitts was quoted on the rising trend of states, municipalities, and utilities demanding clean energy storage as part of their clean energy goals, making those large-scale storage projects “solidly financeable now,” she said.

Sarah said that the most eyebrow-raising development may have been New York utility regulators' approval of plans for a 316-megawatt battery storage project on the site of a gas-fired power plant in New York City that would replace most of the plant's older gas turbines.

Sarah said that there are plenty of aging, struggling fossil fuel power plants in the United States that could be attractive candidates for retrofitting with large-scale storage, especially in the Rust Belt.

"Suddenly, the idea you could raze [a plant] and put a bunch of batteries there just opens up tons of possibilities," she said.

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