Lupo Discusses GenAI Impact on Fashion Industry With Vogue Business

Vogue Business
Chairman Anthony V. Lupo was featured in Vogue Business on the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the fashion industry.

AI presents unprecedented risk and ethical questions surrounding copyright, trademark, and accuracy of information.

“There is nothing that will happen in our lifetime that is more existential than this, and people are really grasping with what to do with this,” Tony said, adding that the sector is especially complicated because of how fast it moves and changes. “In six months, we would have a whole different conversation.”

Tony advises high-profile industry clients on the use of generative AI and noted how the speediness of AI could aid the design process. He said, "Fifty to 70% of the results might be trash, but 30% are not — and it did it in three minutes."

Tony explained that brands still have trade dress protection regardless of who created the designs, but he supports the idea of an "AI watermark" to indicate if an item was created by AI.

Additional regulation in the tech space has been a long time coming and is seen as a byproduct of continued innovation.

“We had the same type of discussions in the industrial age,” Tony said. “In my personal opinion, Pandora's box is open, and we need to figure out how to use it."

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