Steinberg Quoted on Post-Dobbs Creation of AFS Reproductive Health Task Force

The American Lawyer
Partner Jill Steinberg spoke with The American Lawyer about ArentFox Schiff’s new Reproductive Health Task Force and the legal challenges that were created when the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

The AFS Reproductive Health Task Force is a multi-disciplinary team that advises clients on a variety of issues, particularly employers and health care providers on various policies and plans, including ERISA plans, HIPAA policies, and related tax issues. The Task Force is also specifically looking at the impact to businesses in the health care and pharmaceutical industries, such as hospitals, physicians, clinics, dispensers, and manufacturers.

“This is a legal morass,” Jill said, and pointed to a host of “legal issues that came up really in the past week that didn’t exist two or three weeks ago when the [Dobbs v. Jackson] opinion came out,” issues that ArentFox Schiff is uniquely suited to tackle.

Jill cited the firm’s FDA practice among other industry groups, and noted there are “few firms better situated to bring it all together.”

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